Getting to watch that magic, YOUR magic unfold in front of my eyes is so special, and the fact that my entire job is to capture that magic forever is unreal.

to magic.

love is the closest thing we have

the infamous movie aquamarine said it best:

3. creating photos that make you feel exactly like you did in that moment.

2. capturing each moment in an intentional, artistic way.

1. walking alongside you to create a wedding day experience that is 100% about you, your love, + nothing else.


If you’re the couple that wants to walk around a city + say your vows on a rooftop, I’m there. If you wanna party with your closest friends and family + dance the night away, I’m so down.

felt right to them 


the window & did


threw tradition


& did what felt right to them

ones where couples threw tradition out the window

the ones where

days are the


best wedding

wedding days 



After photographing weddings, elopements, and all things love for 4+ years, I have noticed that:


work with me?

it's like to

WANT to know what

meet crystal


Isaac has turned me into a total sap which I hate, but it has made me SO much better at photographing all of your perfect, sappy love stories. We love taking little trips, DIY-ing just about anything (thank god he is an engineer), and trying fancy cheeses.

I fell in love with my person, Isaac, almost two years ago, and I simply can't imagine life without him. (thanks Tinder!!!!!)

I am an INTJ, Aquarius, and a 5w4 on the enneagram, if you’re into that kind of thing (I totally am.) All of those are known for being incredibly efficient, creative, and detail-oriented, and I am no exception. I pride myself on seeing little, seemingly insignificant, moments as the most beautiful. I have a mild obsession with dried flowers (they may have taken over my home…) and polaroid pictures (mostly of my smoking hot fiance.) 

I’m huge on loving people + not things.

I live in Oklahoma City where I was born + raised, and I dream of living basically anywhere else. I have a passion for photography of course, but I also am in love with singing jazz, reading books, and minimalism.

I’m an extroverted introvert that likes wearing all black + walking around Target for hours with headphones in real loud. 




fun fact #1

His first album with the band was “Crystal Ball,” so my name is Crystal Shaw. I have still yet to listen to that whole album though. 

#1. I was named after Tommy Shaw, the lead singer of the 1970s-90s rock band, Styx. 

fun fact #2

From Taylor Swift to Kanye West to Mayday Parade to Dear Evan Hansen (and yes, even some country,) I just like good bridges + bass lines wherever they may be found.

#2. When I say I listen to every type of music, I mean it. 

fun fact #3

Going to a christian university was NOT the move for me personally, and also what the heck was I going to do with a Vocal Jazz Performance degree anyways?!

#3. I am a very proud college dropout.

fun fact #4

Especially any smoked cheese. Or cheese paired with something salty + crunchy. Honestly, I just really want some queso right now.

#4. I really, really like cheese.

fun fact #5

I like not owning a whole lot of stuff, and I like doing all the things + going to all the places. My goal is to have less than 50 articles of clothing, and we’re getting close y’all!

#5 I’m a lowkey minimalist.

fun facts

best friends.

let's be

Portland, OR
Flagstaff, AZ
Joshua Tree, CA
Chicago, IL
Tulum, MX
Versailles, FR
Reykjavik, IS 

bucket list locations

Tacoma, Wa
Boston, Ma
Phoenix, Az
Dallas, Tx
Kansas City, M0
Palm Beach, Fl
Seattle, Wa
Portland, Or


bucket list

'21-22 travel




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